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The explanation of Common Rail Diesel Injection Systems

Publicado el 12/26/2015 3:22:48 PM

In recent years,global climate warming,haze is making people worldwide headache and finally realized that the pollute has chaned our life and affact our health.When we are looking for its reason,diesel-powered vehicles draw our attention.China Balin Parts Plant has played an positive role in this European diesel boom.Because we are now focusing producing the common rail diesel systems which brings the sporty, fuel-efficient and clean automobiles.Meanwhile this sytems could help to reduce ponderous, smoke-belching slowcoaches.

Particularly exhaust emissions could be reduced a lot and the engine noise in the city could also be  lower.The flexible division of injection into several pre-, main and post-injections of the common rail and its particular design helped the injection systems go with engine in the best possible way. the generation of the injection pressure is separate from the injection itself in the Common Rail accumulator injection system. A high-pressure pump generates in an accumulator the rail a pressure of up to 1,600 bar (determined by the injection pressure setting in the engine control unit), independently of the engine speed and the quantity of fuel injected.The fuel is fed through rigid pipes to the injectors, which inject the correct amount of fuel in a fine spray into the combustion chambers.All the injection parameters like the pressure in the rail,the timing, duration of injection & other engine perfermance is highly precised controled by the Electronic Diesel Control (EDC).
We found that the injection process is controled by the magnetic solenoid on the injectors in the first & second generation BOSCH Common rail.The hydraulic force used to open and close the injectors is trans-mitted to the jet needle by a piston rod.In the 3rd generation of Common Rail for passenger cars, the injector actuators consist of several hundred thin piezo crystal wafers. Piezo crystals have the special characteristic of expanding rapidly when an electric field is applied to them. In a piezo inline injector, the actuator is built into the injector body very close to the jet needle. The movement of the piezo packet is transmitted friction-free, using no mechanical parts, to the rapidly switching jet needles. The advantages over the earlier magnetic and current conventional piezo injectors are a more precise metering of the amount of fuel injected and an improved atomization of the fuel in the cylinders. The rapid speed at which the injectors can switch makes it possible to reduce the intervals between injections and split the quantity of fuel delivered into a large number of separate injections for each combustion stroke. 

We could also have  quieter, more fuel efficient, cleaner and more powerful diesel engines. 

In the Fourth generation of BOSCH Common Rail passenger cars,we found that it has developed the higher injection pressures above 2000bar with variable injection geometry injector.

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