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How to buy quality aftermarket injectors?

Publicado el 3/4/2016 4:20:26 PM

The diesel injector is an important components in the engine.The main reasons which cause the injector fail could be divided into fuel contamination,poor fuel filtration,incorrect installation and non-OEM approved remanufactured products.Because the common rail systems is an advanced diesel system,even tiny problem will cause costly repair.Then the question comes - where to buy high performance injectors with reasonable price.As we know the original fuel injectors are expensive which not all of us could afford it.

If you are facing the same problem.You might need to consider the aftermarket parts.
But it doesn't mean that every suppliers in aftermarket could satisfy you.
Below is some questions you need to ask before buying.

1.Do these injectors use new or reconditioned components?
The answer should be better that all new high-wear components are used in the injector.

2.How are the aftermarket injectors tested?
It is preferred that all of them are tested to exact OE test specification and not reverse engineered specification.

3.What type of testing equipment is used?
If they said they are using testing equipment certified by the OEM,it would be perfect.

4.What's the warranty?
Most reputable afermarket manufacturers like China Balin Parts Plant will offer you one-year warranty.

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