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High Pressure Common Rail Injection Systems

Publicado el 1/4/2016 3:06:30 PM

There are no other companys is so closely with the high perfermance of common rail injection systems as China Balin Parts Plant.The single common rail nozzles & injector valve sets could reflect the company's expertise advantage.

Althought the first common rail fuel injection systems for heavy duty vehicles are put into use by the global automotive supplier - DENSO Corporation in mid-1990s.It could deliver the highest  injection pressure in the world with low fuel consumption,low emissions and impressive performance without any compromise on quality.But as a professional aftermarket parts supplier,China Balin Parts Plant invest huge cost to make research and develop the common rail systems not only for the vehicles,but also for marines and locomotive applications.There are many lots of common rail parts on sale in the markets now.For details,contact
Operation Method of common rail:
common rail systems, a high-pressure pump stores a reservoir of fuel at high pressure — up to and above 2,000 bars (200 MPa; 29,000 psi). All the fuel injectors are supplied by a common fuel rail which is nothing more than a pressure accumulator where the fuel is stored at high pressure. This accumulator supplies multiple fuel injectors with high-pressure fuel.
CHINA-BALIN Advantage 
1.clean fuel injection
2.High engine power
3.high perfermance
4.less noise the strictly emission standards 

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