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Dongfeng 1st Pure Electronic Passenger Car will Launch Market at End This Year

Publicado el 9/5/2013 4:57:53 PM

A type of pure electronic car of Dongfeng Group has been exposure by the last chart of patent application. As it known, the model could be the embryo family expense pure electronic car of Dongfeng. As reporter known from the company yesterday, the 1st mass production electronic car of Dongfeng will launch market no earlier than December.

“We are still tying up a few loose ends, and the model will delay to launch market at the end of this year.” A relevant person in charge of Dongfeng Electric Auto Co., Inc. so expressed during interview yesterday, as the 1st mass production pure electronic car, it is put into operation already.
“State Grid has built 10 charging posts nearby, we are doing last test”. It means consumer will find the pure china made electronic passenger car as early next year.

As it known, the model will be produced by the second plant of Dongfeng passenger car. “The second plant does not responsible for all new energy cars, but some other normal passenger car as well”. A relevant officer of Dongfeng passenger car said the second plant will rebuild the original factory of Wuhan Zhongyu Automobile Co., and build welding joint plant, paint shop, assembly shop and digital shop.

The new plant will produce BSG hybrid power car, ISG hybrid car, pure electronic car and besides Aeolus series China made vehicle. The plant will put into operation next year with a 120 thousand annual production.

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