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Delphi F2P High Pressure Heavy Duty Diesel Common Rail System

Publicado el 12/30/2015 10:35:48 AM

The Delphi F2P High Pressure Heavy Duty Diesel Common Rail System (F2P System)  is a new concept to offer the heavy duty engine a high pressure with a cost effective upgrade path,in the basis of electronic unit pump (EUP) technology.Through the engine's camshaft or mounted in a separate cam box,the common rail is usually charge-up to the high pressure by the enhanced electronic unit pumps .Dependent on the power requirement of the application, this can be achieved by using any combination of electronic unit pumps between two and six per engine. The injectors is supplied ultra high pressure fuel at any engine speed by the pressurized rail.Meanwhile the fully flexible injection capability is also available now because of the injectors,particularly related to close-coupled small quantities.

1.match the existing EUP engine
2.engine stress is reduced by the fewer pumping elements with lower cost
3.New high pressure common rail injector technology could be used in the electronic unit pump system because of DELPHI new system
4.More optional of nozzle to choose
5.Various engine power ratings have more choice in pumps installation by the techonology of scalable distributed pump.
6.Fully flexible capability of injection 
7.Small quantity control of injection 
8.Close-coupled multiple injection capability
9.Less noise
10.High pressure capability (up to 2,700 bar) enable the less possibility to use the aftertreatment devices
11.On board diagnostics and dynamic trimming capability
12.emissions standard aims to reach Euro VI,post-US 10,post-Japan NLTR and Tier IV.
13.operating efficiency enhanced by the dynamic selection of pumping units

Typical Application
on- and off-highway 9 to 16 liter heavy duty diesel engines 

Plunger diameter 7 mm
Plunger stroke 18 mm
Injector design Bespoke external injector
Peak pressure range 2,500 bar to 2,700 bar
Engine cylinder capacity 1.5 L to 2.6 L
Drive voltage 50 V

Performance Advantages
1.For electronic unit pump engines,it is ultimate common rail solution 
2.For existing EUP engine,it is a cost effective upgrade strategy by pressurize the rail.

Comparing to Delphi,a global leader in the common rail systems,China Balin Parts Plant also focus on offering the high value solutions for the emissions,by improve fuel economy and enhance performance.With the ever-changing requirement on the engine management systems,they are also making efforts in the innovation,design.

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