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DENSO announced Alliance With Morpho

Publicado el 12/28/2015 9:49:53 AM

Morpho Inc. announces agreements to form business and capital alliance with DENSO Corp.On the basis of “Deep Neural Network” technology, or “deep learning.”,this alliance boost the safety and comfort driving with the collaborative research and development of technologies.

Meanwhile DENSO will minimize environmental impact and traffic accidents and increase people’s comfort and convenience by supplying wide variety of automotive products and technologies.In order to realize the advanced safety drive,DENSO and Morpho have agree on the joint research & development.
Under this agreement, the two companies will:
1.In order to promote state-of-art safety driving,co-develop an advanced image recognition technology in the basis of  “deep learning” .
2.Co-develop the image recognition technology and image enhancement technology for DENSO’s future products. This includes electronic mirror, front/back camera and monitor and others.

From the business alliance,DENSO and Morpho will share the market products & service.
Meanwhile,DENSO will get all the Morpho's newly-issued shares after this entry of capital alliance agreement.

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