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Common Rail injector test solution

Publicado el 12/27/2015 2:39:14 PM

Delphi Product & Service Solutions made an announcement that they are working with Hartridge Ltd to develop the Common Rail injector test solution.The YDT-35 will quickly check the failed individual injectors in the garage according to the electrical injector test and visual spray pattern.

Comparing to the old generation of Delphi on-vehicle test solutions for Common Rail injectors, YDT-35 has the advantage of easy using,competitive price & could fit the tough garage environment.Meanwhile the time to identify whether an injector could meet basic mechanical and electrical operation is only 5 minutes with 7 steps.So it will highly save garage and its customer’s time,offering the workshops more profitable service opportunity.

Key functionalities include:
1.Help major manufacturers to test all diesel common rail injectors
2.Electrical injector tests resistance, inductance, capacitance
3.Nozzle spray-pattern visual observation
4.Optional back leak measurement
5.A helpful & friendly diagnosis assistant
6.Easy fixtures with a comprehensive range of optional adapters

Right now you could find YDT-35 directly in your locoal DELPHI & Hartridge distributors.In using,you could contact them directly or

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