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What's Remanufacture?

Posted on 10/24/2018 3:46:31 PM

injector remaned
Remanufacturing is a high technology industry for the repair and transform of waste product. It is for damage or scrap parts, in the performance based on the analysis of the failure, and evaluation of life, etc, to carry on the remanufacturing engineering design, adopt a series of advanced manufacturing technology, make the quality of remanufactured products meet or exceed the new product.
Remanufacturing process
The remanufacturing process generally includes seven steps, that is, product cleaning, disassembly, cleaning, detection, remanufacturing component classification, remanufacturing technology selection, remanufacturing, inspection, etc.
Product cleaning is an important step in remanufacturing engineering.The cleanliness of cleaning is very important for the detection of product performance and the accurate determination of remanufacturing target object. It is to remove dirt, oil, dirt and other contaminants from the product.External cleaning generally uses 1 ~ 10MPa pressure of cold water to flush.For the thick layer of contaminants with high density, an appropriate amount of chemical cleaning agent can be added and the injection pressure and temperature can be increased.
2.Target object disassembly
The disassembly path of the target object is determined by analyzing the constraint relationship between product parts.
3.Target object cleaning
The cleaning of the target object is to select appropriate equipment, tools, technology and cleaning medium to clean the target object according to the material, precision degree, pollutant nature of the target object, as well as the requirement of part cleanliness.The cleaning is helpful to find the problem and defect of target object, and it also has important significance in the process of parts remanufacturing.
4.Object detection
Target object detection not only affects the quality of remanufacturing, but also affects the cost of remanufacturing.After the parts are removed from the "machine", the technical status needs to be determined through testing.Take remanufactured common rail injector as example,you need to disassembly the nozzle,control valve from the injector and put into detection.
5. Classification of remanufactured components
Remanufactured parts shall be classified according to their common geometry, damage property and process characteristics.This process set the stage for remanufacturing enterprises to realize remanufacturing by mass or batch method.
6.Remanufacturing technology selection
Select the appropriate remanufacturing technology according to the remanufacturing enterprise's technical level and the damage situation of the target object
Remanufacturing the target object according to the selected remanufacturing technology
Inspect the remanufactured parts to see if they meet the technical requirements
As a global pioneer of overall solution in diesel systems,all the remanufactured common rail injectors & CATERPILLAR injector (ie. 326-4700) in genuine BASCOLIN brand are required to meet the same quality standards as the original.It assures that all critical parts are replaced with new ones, and use only original or Bosch approved replacement parts.

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