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What's Common Rail Direct Injection - CRDi

Posted on 1/11/2016 3:30:52 PM

Comparing to Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) or Fuel Stratified Injection (FSI) used in petrol engines,Common Rail Direct Injection is an advanced diesel engine fuel systems.Both technologies have the similar design for the "fuel-rail" to delivery fuel to injectors.But their pressure & fuel type used is different.

In Common Rail Direct Injection,commencement of combustion takes place directly into the main combustion chamber located in a cavity on the top of the piston crown.So this advanced CRDi technology used widely today.Meanwhile we found the traditional diesel injection engine with sluggish, noisy and poor in performance could be highly improved,expecially in passenger vehicles.
The CRDi technology works in tandem with the engine ECU which gets inputs from various sensors to calculate precise quantity of fuel and timing of injection.The components in the Common Rail Direct Injection fuel systems are controled electrically / electronically.Now this advanced electrically operated solenoid injectors have replaced the traditional ones.Injectors are opened with an ECU signal depending upon the variables such as engine speed, load, engine temperature etc.
BOSCH Common Rail Systems

In a Common Rail system, A ‘common-for-all-cylinders’ fuel-rail or in simple words a fuel distribution pipe is used to maintain optimum residual fuel pressure and acts as a shared fuel reservoir for all the injectors. The fuel is constantly supplied at the required pressure for injection.In modern day engines, high pressure fuel is stored in this single tube which then supplies it to the solenoid valve injectors as opposed to the fuel injection pump supplying diesel thru’ independent fuel lines to injectors in earlier generation designs.
Working of CRDi
In the high-pressure pump,pressure generates.The pump compresses the fuel at the pressures at about 1,000 bar or about 15,000 psi.It then supplies the fuel via a high-pressure pipe to the inlet of the rail. From there, the fuel is distributed to the individual injectors, which inject it into the cylinder’s combustion chamber.
In order to meet the stringent emssion standard,common rail with unit-injector system are used in the nowadays diesel engine,together with a turbocharger.It could increase the power output,improve throttle response, fuel efficiency and control emissions.China Balin Parts Plant,a reliable manufacturers for common rail parts,believe that this CRDi technology is now becoming the majoy system worldwide.Different manufacturers define their CRDi products with their own acronyms in order to compete in the market.

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