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What Nozzles letters means?

Posted on 11/18/2016 10:17:33 AM

If you are in the diesel injection parts field,you must be familiar with the nozzles and its parts number.So do you really know what the letters means in its OEM number?Here China Balin Power Co.,Ltd - professional fuel injection parts specialist,will take the injectors DLLA150S187 as an example.

DL = A hole type nozzle, one that sprays fuel through several holes in the tip of the nozzle body

L = Indicates a "long" nozzle

A = A code indicating details of nozzle design (4 hole, 5 hole, etc..)

150 = Spray pattern in degrees, 150°

S = Nozzle shoulder diameter code. It must match the shoulder diameter of the nozzle holder. The sizes are: P = 14mm, R = 16mm, S = 17mm, T = 22mm, U = 30mm, V = 42mm, W = 50mm

187 = Application information code for Bosch use

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