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What Common Rail Injection bring us?

Posted on 3/18/2016 3:50:42 PM

Common rail systems is an andvanced diesel injection techonology.Before explaining how important the common rail is,we have to introduce an basic layout of a mechanical injection system which starts with the injection pump.Driven by the gear train of the engine,the injection pump is usually housed in the front cover of the engine and also a ruggedly durable.

Comparing to the fuel pressure in a mechanical system reach around 1,800 to 3,000 psi.,it will be pressurized to around 5,000 psi which is the considered to be the “threshold” .The engine will fire at this pressure.Otherwise there will has problems for the system and the engine will also not run.

As the fuel is being pressurized,it is then supplied to so called a fuel log - high-pressure fuel rail which has high-pressure fuel lines connected to it.The fuel is delivered to the injector through it.Meanwhile it also acts the function of storage center for  the pressurized fuel and the delivery unit that supplies the injectors.

The injectors are given order by the inputs to the computer when it should open once the pressurized fuel arrives.At the same time,it will also control the time and amount of pressurized fuel with precisously.
For the vechile manufacturers and diesel injection parts manufacturers like China Balin Parts Plant,they also have to make full use of the various of sensors and actuators in common rail systems in order for high pressure fuel actuation.Based on engineload and operation,the electronics help dictate how and when fuel is delivered.

However there are great attention you need to also pay for common rail systems.Because pressure can reach as high as 28,000 psi under wide-open throttle.Anyhow the common rail injection not only bring the fuel to be more efficient burned,engine more quietly,but also bring us much more clean and green environment.

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