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Ursus Nozzles Suppliers

Posted on 9/26/2016 3:45:23 PM

The Ursus,founded in 1893, is an agricultural machinery manufacturer located in Warsaw,Poland.It began producing exhaust engines and then later trucks and metal fittings intended for the Russian Tsar.

In 2007, Uzel Holding of Turkey announced they were buying 51% of Ursus.Both Uzel and Ursus are, or were, licensees of AGCO's Massey Ferguson. In 2008 it was announced that Uzel had not kept up to its commitments, and TAFE and Pol-Mot were interested in buying.

In 2011 Pol-Mot bought the Ursus Company from Bumar Ltd. Recently, the company is expanding its business in Central Europe and other countries, as well as planning to produce electric buses.It signed an agreement worth USD 10 million in 2014 to deliver 3000 tractors to Ethiopia.

In agricultural tractor parts industry,China Balin Power Co.,Ltd always stay ahead by absorbing the advanced producing system in the market.There are many diesel injector nozzles for Ursus tractors in production,such as DSL150A2,etc.If you are looking for quality tractor spares,please feel free to contact us alen@china-balin.com. 

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