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Tips to Avoid Common Rail Problems

Posted on 1/8/2016 1:59:25 PM

In order to meet the stringent worldwide emission regulations,the common rail systems is designed specially for improve the fuel economy and power together with lower consumption and emission.It is an advanced diesel techonology which includes a high-pressure pump, injectors, a rail, and an electronic control unit.So even tiny problem from common rail will cause vehicle bolocked or even set on fire.Most of the problems are related to the complex geometry of the components and possible cracks caused by material fatigue or during the manufacturing process. So how to avoid the common rail problems?China Balin Parts Plant will show you some attentions:

1.Define and Keep Best Parameters

In order to improve better automotive solutions in cars,trucks and also our life quality,Automotive manufacturers are making efforts in its petrol and diesel engine which size and weight have been minimized.Meanwhile common rail,an vital components of direct fuel injection system,are also adapted to meet the new requirements.Because the geometry of common rail is very complex.Its mistake will easily cause irreversible common rail problems and damage of the components.The precise parameters should be defined in the design phase and strictly followed during the forging, trimming and cooling process.This requires expertise and best tools.

2.Select Best Raw material
If the raw material selection is not done well,it will lead to shorter product life and also fuel accumulation volume reduced.So we have to pay more attention to the material with wise.

(1)Shorter product life
It means that the common rail will break sooner than expected.The material with low resistance will cause fatigue and wear in conditions that cyclic loading/unloading, constant high operating internal pressure, and the fuel's cavitational implosions. Finally it will cut the product life.So the right raw material selected will help us to avoid the product's  leakage and breakage and prolong its service life.

(2)reduced fuel accumulation volume 
It is the second problem caused by poor quality raw material.
Beucase the metal should be heat treated and hot forged in order to develop better rigidity.
The imbalanced distribution of grain structure leads to non-uniform volume of diesel along the pipe, affecting the injections. On each injection event,wrong fuel amount is injected to each cylinder heads with unequel combustion.

Choosing a common rail material with uniform heat-treatment response and the right and evenly distributed section thickness and rigidity, has been proven as the best way to secure the exact pressurized fuel volume capacity.

China Balin Parts Plant,taking advantage of excellent expertise,offer perfect performance common rail system parts by using high-quality materials,developed to resist high fuel pressure and heat.
Our common rail parts for diesel engine could eliminates any risk for possible cracks or leakages.As an leader manufacturer for aftermarket parts,we know how to solve and avoid all the problems in common rail.We arealways working hard to assure the perfect performance of the common rail systems.

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