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The failures of common rail injectors

Posted on 1/5/2016 11:01:38 AM

The common rail systems is the major advancement in diesel technology.And because of this advanced system,people can't afford the costly repair due to the its problem caused to the common rail engine.Then we have to find out the common failure of the injector.Today China Balin Parts Plant,afermarket supplier for fuel injection parts & common rail parts, will show you the reasons:

1.Fuel contamination
This is the main problems caused in the diesel engine.It includes corrosion from excessive water in the fuel, micro fine particles in the fuel and improper fuel storage, which is caused by water in the fuel. We could get the water into the fuel through the delivery system or tank vent.

We need to buy the fuel from the supplier with reputation and use a proper fuel/water separator.Meanwhile check your tank vent periodic.

2.Poor Fuel Filtration 
As we all know,the control valve is the heart of the common rail injector.The fuel passes at extremely high pressure through the valves. The passage opening is sealed by the 1mm pressurized ball.And the proper seal is important for the perfermance of injector.If the control valve is erode and damaged by the abrasive contaminants which is released by inadequate filtration and the not allow the ball to seal,then it will cause excessive smoke, starting or idling problems and potential engine failure.

Purchase the OE filters or remanufactured ones with the same tech specifics

3.Incorrect Installation
There are many possibility in the install incorrectly,like sealing rings missed,wrong tightening torque and cleaning of the nozzle.

Take the advice from the professional manufacturer like China Balin Parts Plant.

4.Non-OEM Approved Remanufactured Products
The remanufacturing process and components will decide the perfermance of injectors.
So you might using the remanufactured injectors which is only cleaned and polished.Even the nozzle tips are not replaced.

Ensure that you are buying the remanufactured injector from brand supplier which has the professional ability and reputiaton in the common rail systems,like China Balin Parts Plant.

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