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The Small-Batch Production with ASIMCO Tianwei's Common-Rail Fuel Injection System Started

Posted on 8/10/2016 3:12:44 PM

When we're to bid farewell to 2014, a domestic light-duty truck OEM started the small-batch production with ASIMCO Tianwei's common-rail fuel injection system, signalizing that the company's light-duty common-rail products have taken a big step towards commercialization.

After satisfactory results were reaped in different tests like engine reliability test, engine emission performance test and vehicle drivability calibration for 500 hours, these light-duty trucks with Yuchai Power's D4G engine started the small-batch production in mid-December, 2014 and ensured the first pass yield for almost all the products.

These small-batch products with the ASIMCO Tianwei's light-duty common-rail system claimed the steady performance, and especially such advantages as low noise, small vibration and satisfactory performance and oil consumption can meet the requirements from National IV Emission Standard and received the positive comments from users. In the course of assembly, the company's technicians conducted the on-site monitoring and instruction, offered technological instructions for those non-conforming aspects (like arrangement of circuit group, installation method and guaranteed cleanliness), solved the problems, reduced the possible product failures caused by external factors, and provided customers with maximum technological guarantee. After the vehicles were warehoused, they were sent to end customer for modification. ASIMCO Tianwei will assign engineers to track the process so as to guarantee the clients' vehicles can successfully leave the factory.

To make rapid response to the vehicles' possible operation problems, ASIMCO Tianwei's After-Sales Department conducted the training course on the maintenance of common-rail system for the employees at end customer's service station, and the company's service personnel/distributors. This training course mainly included fundamental principles of common-rail system, structure and operating principle of common-rail products, common troubles and solutions, and use of testing tools. With this training course, those service/maintenance personnel can have the basic ability to diagnose and maintain the common-rail fuel injection system.

As the National IV Emission Standard was put into force, the company's common-rail system helped domestic diesel engine manufacturers have more cost-efficient options than those with National IV Emission Standard and made contributions to energy conservation and environmental protection.Meanwhile in the aftermarket,as a reputable common rail parts suppliers and manufacturer,China Balin Power Co.,Ltd is also making its efforts to offer Euro IV and Euro V nozzles and injector valve sets.If you are looking for quality supplier,contact now.

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