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TDI® with Common Rail and Piezo Injectors

Posted on 1/14/2016 10:41:52 AM

We recognized that each cylinder bank equipped with one high-pressure pump and one rail is the latest generation common rail system.After increasing 250 bar injection pressure,the maximum pressure could reach 1,600 bar.When piezo injectors are used for injection, a voltage is applied to ceramic.Then its crystal structures is changed,leading to a minimal geometric change which  the opening of the injector needle is mechanically triggers.In the same time,the moving mass at the injector needle are also reduced from  16 to 4 grams in each case to make the injection quantities more precision and smaller after using this piezo injectors.The piezo technology enable the higher injector needle speed.

The number of injection processes per combustion cycles can thus be varied almost at will. The 3.0 V6 TDI engine, for example, has up to five injection processes: in addition to the main injection process, double pilot injection takes place at the lower end of the speed range and single pilot injection in the medium speed range. On top of this, single post-injection takes place up to around 2,500 rpm and at maximum part-load. This reduces emissions and ensures a smoother combustion process.

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