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Rebuild Common Rail Injectors For Diesel Engines

Posted on 3/16/2016 11:42:48 AM

With the time going,the emission rules is becoming more and more strictly.According to the record,there are now more than 80% of new diesel engines are equipped with common rail injectors.Because the poor injectors can cause hard starts, misfire, and black smoke.In the other hand,the main reasons for the failed injectors could be dirty fuel and misdiagnosis which is common when shops are not equipped with the proper scan tools or do not fully comprehend diesel fuel systems.

The CRI are application to heavy machinery and agriculture and now Injectors for the Cummins 5.9L found in 2004-2006 Dodge trucks are very popular sale.So rebuild the high-pressure common rail injector is an important but also precision work.First of all,it requires a temperature-controlled,dust-free clean room.Second you need the proper tools like Bosch EPS 200 CRI tester which we could test the injectors on the spot.All these works should be operated by the professional and trained service technicians.

In aftermarket,China Balin Parts Plant provides tools and common rail parts in order to support your work.

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