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Posted on 6/21/2016 10:25:41 AM

As it was already announced, the KAMAZ 740.63-400 Engine with Common Rail direct fuel injection was named a laureate and given a diploma “New Product of the Year” according to the results of the contest “100 Best Goods of Russia”. To date, KAMAZ 740.63-400 is the only engine with Common Rail fuel injection system produced in Russia.

The KAMAZ 740.63-400 Engine (Euro 3) with Common Rail injection is not only a modern, low-consumption electronic diesel engine. This engine generating 400 hp is also a model transitional to Euro 4.

A unit-cast flywheel housing, an electronic control system with Common Rail fuel injection, and other design characteristics make this item the Russian engine of the new generation which can be modernized and improved in the future.

High-pressure fuel pumps with electronic fuel intake control are analogous to pumps with mechanical fuel intake control in their construction and connecting dimensions. A cardinal difference is that an electromagnetic actuator regulated by an electronic control unit acts as an rpm governor and a boost compensator device. The new high-pressure fuel pump is notable for accuracy and performance of the fuel intake control system, fuel temperature and engine thermal state correction.

The Common Rail System (CRS) by BOSCH, Germany, was adapted to KAMAZ engines to gain efficiency and decrease emissions with the purpose of meeting Euro 3, 4 and 5 ecostandards.

The CRS fuel injection system with the EDC7UC31 control unit makes it possible to meet fuel injection requirements, namely:

1.increased injection pressure (current systems – 1,600 bar, prospective systems – up to 2,500 bar);
2.variable law of fuel delivery (a moment of the beginning and the end of injection);
3.guaranteed preliminary (even repeated) and subsequent (even very late) injection;
4.injection pressure control (230-1,600 bar) depending on conditions of engine and vehicle operation;
5.accurate dosing with an individual electronic control;
6.abatement of engine noise.

Application of up-to-date equipment enables to increase a power range, reduce specific fuel consumption. Now, the life of the engine till the first complete overhaul is 800,000 km traveled due to the modern construction.

As specialists of KAMAZ-Diesel Inc. producing such engines affirm, there are no alternative domestic suppliers of analogous prospective fuel injection systems to date.

The KAMAZ 740.63-400 Euro 3 Engine is used on KAMAZ vehicles and special trucks produced for the Russian market and for export.


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