The pump (Pompanti / Elements / Pumpenelemente / плунжерная пара ) is a component of in-line injection pump, whose function is to send the fuel to the injectors in the instant expected and required amount of engine load conditions. The piston is coupled with high precision to the cylinder ensures that the hydraulic seal even at very high pressures and low speeds. The piston has a longitudinal groove and a lateral helical form. In the cylinder are made one or two holes for the flow of fuel. Due to the high precision of the coupling, the piston and the cylinder, provide a unique complex that it is impossible to replace just one or the other. To prevent fuel leakage leads to a dilution of engine oil are used for pumping with recovery of the leakage through an annular groove which is connected to the pump suction chamber through a hole injection. To reduce noise and harmful exhaust gas pistons that are used less than the propeller of a propeller control also have greater control. With these types of ram you can adjust not only the end but the beginning of discharge. To improve the start up some engine pistons are used with an additional milling on its upper edge, said groove starter, which delays the delivery of 5-10 degrees and thus improves the engine is started. Our range is suitable for pumping all types of injection pumps: A, CAT, GM, K, M, MW, P, PF / PFR. Our pumping systems are alternatives to American AMBAC®, Belarus-Kamaz®, Bosch®, Caterpillar®, Delphi®, Denso®, Fiat®, Ford-Navistar ®, M & M ®, GM ®, Bryce ®-Lucas, Lucas-Simms ®, Motorpal®, Sigma® and Zexel® .
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