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Piezoelectric Diesel Injectors Explained

Posted on 3/14/2016 10:48:52 AM

In a diesel engine,the injection process make a great difference in the cylinder combustion.In other word,the performance of engine could be decided by controling the injection timing and duration, fuel quantity, and rate shape (flow rate profile as a function of time).A single injection rate profile will not simultaneously provide the lowest emissions, best fuel economy, and highest torque performance.In order to harness this problem,there are many diesel engine manufacturers like Bosch,Continental,Delphi and other diesel parts suppliers like China Balin Parts Plant,they are woking hard to expanding piezo material,instead of insist on the usual electromagnet.Finally the piezoelectric diesel injectors are invented which using the piezoelectric technology to open and close fuel injectors at extremely high speeds and precision to inject fuel into an internal combustion of both diesel and petrol engine.

So what's the Piezo electricity?
In short,Piezo electricity results from squeezing or applying pressure from certain crystal like materials or certain ceramics.If this process is reversed and electricity is applied to these same materials they will expand and return to their original size as soon as the electricity is cut off.The expansion of one crystal is too small to see with the naked eye.Because the expansion of the piezo crystals is minuscule. 

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