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Piezo Injectors vs Solenoid Injectors

Posted on 1/16/2016 2:35:27 PM

In order to meet the EU emssion rules,different diesel fuel injectors suppliers are flighting.
The traditional injectors manufacturer like Robert Bosch,Siemens VDO Automotive,China Balin Parts Plant and Italy’s Magneti Marelli all agreed that the piezo injectors will be the future of larger diesel engine which could reach Euro 5 standard.While Delphi thought they could improve the performance of conventional solenoid – electromagnetic – injectors enough to avoid investing in costly piezo injectors.In the other hand,another diesel injectors suppliers - DENSO is trying to develop both techonologies.So what's the difference of Piezo injectors and Solenoid injectors?Here we will introduce.

Traditional diesel injectors use electromagnetic, or solenoid, controls.The electronic engine management system sends an electrical signal to activate the mechanical valve that controls fuel flow through the injector.Comparing to piezo injectors,it is more reliable,cost-effective and physically smaller while its noise is more.

In a piezo injector, the electronic engine management system also sends an electrical signal to the valve. 
It has the advantage in piezo crystal which changes shape when exposed to electric current. The actual movement is microscopic, but enough to make the piezo element act as the valve. Meanwhile Piezo injector are more quieter and precise in a microsecond environment while costly.

In both cases, the common rail principle remains the core of diesel injection systems. A single (common) high-pressure fuel line is connected to individual injectors at each cylinder.

The precise opening and closing of the fuel-flow valve in each injector is controled by the electronic engine management system.Higher pressure in the common rail system is needed for increased injector pressure.

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