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One New Diesel Common Rail System Developed by DENSO

Posted on 12/26/2015 2:39:42 PM

The world’s highest injection pressure of 2,500 bar diesel common rail (DCR) fuel injection systems has been developed by DENSO,a brand automotive supplier.

With this new teconology,we found that compared to the last diesel generation system,up to 3% fuel efficiency has been increased,50% particulate matter (PM) & 8% nitrogen oxides (NOx) has been reduced.Right now on passenger, commercial, agricultural and construction vehicles worldwide,we could found this new diesel common rail systems highly used.Meanwhile in the status of exhaust emissions becoming more and more stringent around the world, particularly in Europe, Japan and the United States,this DCR fuel injection systems will helped a lot,said Yukihiro Shinohara, executive director responsible for DENSO’s Diesel Engine Business Unit.

DENSO is now also trying best on the reseach of developing a 3,000 bar diesel common rail system with efforts to reduce the affact of diesel-powered vehicles to the environments.

As the DENSO replacements parts manufacturer (China Balin Parts Plant),they are also working hard to stay ahead in the supplying the "Green" common rail nozzles & valve sets. 


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