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New Common Rail Engine Introduced by Yanmar

Posted on 9/9/2016 11:18:13 AM

yanmar common rail
Yanmar has introduced a new common rail high-speed engine, the 6AYEM. The new electronically-controlled engine offers an alternative to its mechanical equivalents, the 6AYM and 12AYM.

The common rail option is intended to offer an additional choice for ships seeking a cleaner engine to comply with IMO Tier III and EPA Tier 4 requirements. It complies with existing IMO, EPA and CCNR emissions limits.

The 6AYEM is rated from 485kW continuous to 749kW maximum, at 1,840 to 2,000 rpm. The common rail design, with turbocharger and charge air cooler, provide for low exhaust emissions, reduced fuel and lube oil consumption and low noise levels. A multi-stage fuel injection system reduces noise at idle speed. This injection system features eight main and four secondary nozzles which gives low emissions while maximising torque at low or high revs.

Some of these engines are already in service on board passenger ferries in Australia and Mexico. Yanmar is expecting to see further demand for the 6AYEM, particularly in Europe, as the new emissions regulations come into force. It is focused on the ferry market in particular but also other small vessels such as fishing boats.

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