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Modular Common Rail System MCRS for large diesel engines

Posted on 4/11/2017 3:32:42 PM

Compared to China Balin Power Co.,Ltd which specialized in diesel injection parts and common rail parts in aftermarket for truck,locomotive and boats,Bosch is the only company to offer diesel injection systems and components for applications from the smallest passenger-car engines to the largest medium-speed heavy fuel oil engines.Bosch offers injection equipment for large diesel engines in all regions and to many well-known customers.Large diesel engines are usually defined by a rated power larger than 560 kW.
common rail systemscommon rail

Large diesel engines with a displacement of more than 2.5 liters per cylinder can be equipped with a Modular Common Rail System (MCRS). This system features a wide range of possible applications and offers all benefits of Common Rai injection technology.

The MCRS with the high-pressure pump CP9.1 is the first fully modular Common Rail System for operation in large diesel engines. Typical applications for large high-speed diesel engines are yachts and ferries, cargo ships, locomotives, mining tårucks and generator sets with an engine power up to 4.4 MW. In order to guarantee reliable operation even with fuels of low lubricity, high-pressure pumps and injectors are designed to be particularly robust.

Operating principle
The MCRS-specific fuel-storage volumes inside the high-pressure pump and inside the injectors minimizes hydraulic pulsations in the high-pressure system,which enables a simple modular system layout.This makes it easy to design a modular system even for a 6-cylinder in-line engine or a 20-cylinder V-engine. The fuel accumulator inside the injector ensures a nearly constant pressure during injection and guarantees maximum flexibility for multiple injections.

The MCRS opens potentials for the development of fuel-efficient engines. This leads to a significant competitive advantage for our customers. A pressure level of 2,200 bar enables to react more flexibly to upcoming requirements regarding emissions and fuel consumption.

System design
The Bosch MCRS is a Common Rail System in modular design for large diesel engines which does not require a separate rail. The electronically controlled and oil-lubricated CP9.1-type high-pressure inline pump generates high pressure. Depending on the performance requirements, one or two pumps with integrated pressure sensors and pressure safety valves can be used. The fuel is injected into the combustion chamber by a CRIN-LE-type injector. Each injector is equipped with a high-pressure accumulator, a safety flow limiter and a solenoid valve. The injectors are connected one to another using short high-pressure lines (also doublewalled),therefore MCRS is particularly flexible. Its special design incorporating high-pressure accumulators inside the pump and inside the injector plus short high-pressure lines minimizes pressure pulsations. This secures constant injection pressure at the nozzle, even for multiple injections.

The Bosch EDC17CV41 electronic control unit is suitable for installation close to the engine.

Modular system
The system can easily be adapted to different engine,types on the basis of a modular system: the number and size of injectors and pump elements is varied accordingly.

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