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Mechanical Injection vs Electronic Injection

Posted on 2/17/2016 10:26:56 AM

According to the mechanical operations in order to force fuel into an engine,there are two fuel injection systems to choose:mechanical system or an EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) system.

Today China Balin Parts Plant,manufacturers for diesel injection parts & common rail parts,will introduce
its difference.

Mechanical Fuel Injection plays an role of metering the fuel injection system.Carburetor fuel injection is an advancement of the mechanical fuel injection method to delivery the exact mixture of air and fuel into the combustion engine.Meanwhile the injectors with a great pressure force the fuel into the combustion engine.Good mileage and power improvements are offered by the fuel injectors over RPM range of the engine.

Comparing to the Mechanical Fuel Injection,EFI systems are electronically controled which will control when the fuel must be injected into the engine.Meanwhile there are an special valves in the EFI injector which electronically control the opening and closing for fuel to enter the engine. The fuel is sprayed by EFI into the open valves in the form of a mist.And in order to push the fuel inside,the valves are opened and closed alternatively.The fuel injectors also decide the amount of fuel injected into it by a fuel track.

In fact,the the amount of fuel injected at the specific time are decided by the mechanical sensors of EFI fuel injection which is also its main features.

Electronic Injection

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