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Many ways to increase horsepower

Posted on 2/23/2016 3:25:54 PM

What's the best way to increase horsepower?

There are many compromises from your cars which are caused by some factors below:
1.Attempting to fit the car into a certain price range
2.In order to meet the standards of emission
3.Require for maximum life & reliability
In fact,the car's performance could be improved a lot.You could have some various methods to create more horsepower from a stock engine.Here China Balin Parts Plant,reliable manufacturer for common rail parts,will introduce a number of example.
1.Change your computer chip.
This is not the fundamental solution but sometimes works in some condition.Sometimes you are looking for cheap price,so you purchase the ROM chip from aftermarket performance dealers which is not certificated.They always hype and its performance is poor.So right now you could try to change the ROM chip in the engine control unit (ECU).
2.Let air come in more easily. 
As a piston moves down in the intake stroke, air resistance can rob power from the engine. Some newer cars are using polished intake manifolds to eliminate air resistance there. Bigger air filters and reduced intake piping can also improve air flow.
3.Let exhaust exit more easily. 
The engine power will be reduced a lot if air resistance or back-pressure makes it hard for exhaust to exit a cylinder.Meanwhile it will also cause  the back-pressure if the the exhaust pipe is too small or the muffler has a lot of air resistance.In order for eliminating back-pressure in the exhaust system,headers, big tail pipes and free-flowing mufflers should be used.
4.Change the heads and cams.
There is only one intake valve and one exhaust valve for many stock engines.
But if you buy one new head with four valves per cylinder,it will dramatically improve airflow in and out of the engine.Finally the power of the engine will also be improved.In the other head,changing new cams will also make a big difference.­
5.Make everything lighter
If you are using lightweight parts,it will definitely help to improve the engine performance.
Because it will allow the engine to rev faster,giving more horsepower.
For more ways to increase horsepower,you could contact us.

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