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Introduction of CRS3-18 and CRS3-20

Posted on 1/26/2016 10:52:08 AM

Because of the piezo injectors,the modern Common Rail Systems CRS3-18 (with 1,800 bar) and CRS3-20 (with 2,000 bar) are equipped with an ideal engine which make great contributes in fuel consumption,emission and power characteristics.

For each injection systems,it is a challenge to vary the fuel qualities. The CRS3-18/20 injectors 0 are perfectly suited thanks to the robust piezo actuator.Comparing to a solenoid, the power of the piezo actuator is about ten times as high which means  less susceptible to small particle contamination in the fuel.

CRI3-18 and -20 piezo injectors are benchmarks regarding minimum pilot-injection quantity, fast succession of injections and volume stability over the lifetime. 

Meanwhile the piezo injector has the advantage of less installation space than solenoid injectors.Becaue piezo actuators is integrated into the injector body.

Possible applications
CRS3-18 and CRS3-20 are used in the highest performance passenger cars and light-duty vehicles

System design and function
Multiple injections is delivered by the piezo actuators with minimal intervals.In order to achieve shortest possible reaction times,the interaction between the actuator and the nozzle needle plays an important role.

Through learning functions,fuel quantity correction over lifetime are allowed by optimized injector characteristics without plateaus.These are implemented as software in the electronic control unit. 

A high-pressure pump,the high-pressure rail, an injector for each engine cylinder,and the electronic control make up of the systems.

Very small pilot-injection quantities by the piezo injectors of CRS3-18/-20 becomes possible due to their high switching speed.Because reduced hydraulic power loss reduces fuel temperature, no additional fuel cooling is required. 

The HFR-20 high-pressure rail features drilled throttles,a rail pressure sensor and a pressure-control valve.

It could apply to light-duty vehicles because a high delivery rate is caused by the CP4 high-pressure pump’s high hydraulic efficiency.

Technical engineers from China Balin Parts Plant are in the further development of common rail systems.ie nozzles & valve sets.

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