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Industry 4.0 in Bosch’s Homburg plant

Posted on 5/27/2016 10:21:18 AM

For Bosch’s Homburg plant,Industry 4.0 is so vital topic that they are working hard to make it a reality.Amoung their efforts,there is one projects to monitor processes in injector assembly and throttle plate production while reducing faults and deviations.This need arose because workers were unable to constantly keep track of all the relevant process and product data in the manufacturing chain, as is necessary to guarantee smooth production flows.

Homburg integrated the Production Rules Configurator into its existing IT landscape, with the aim of monitoring production data from the EDM machines and reducing the incidence of faults and deviations.
How does the Production Rules Configurator work?
1.Data is transferred to the software from the machines and existing systems
2.The rules monitor process data from multiple machines in the parts production’s manufacturing process
3.Using target values for features on the individual part, the software promptly recognizes trends and when defined early-warning limits are reached for deviations
4.Automated notifications are sent to the line worker responsible
5.Machines can be promptly readjusted
6.The production experts themselves create the rules system for analyzing the production data from multiple machines and can optimize it at any time

Deviations in throttle plate production at an early stage is detected by the Production Rules Configurator now and immediately notifies the person(s) in charge, enabling them to take the appropriate steps to prevent downtime or quality losses.Users can create the rules themselves and modify them at any time – no programming skills required. After achieving such success with the EDM machines, the Production Rules Configurator was deployed on the assembly line as well. Since its introduction, downtimes on the line have decreased considerably. Due to the excellent results on both lines, the Homburg plant plans to integrate the Production Rules Configurator into more of its processes.In aftermarket,China Balin Parts Plant,a manufacturer for diesel injection parts,is also running a wide range of projects in order to stay close with Bosch and ahead in aftermarket.

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