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Importance of Pressure control

Posted on 5/10/2016 11:39:51 AM

In order to meet the standard of Euro VI, US13 and future emissions legislation,a range of Ultra High Pressure Common Rail fuel systems with up to 3000 bar pressure is developed by Delphi Diesel Systems,application to Medium and Heavy Duty Vehicles.

Controling the injection events precise and consistent is the key to meet these requirements.The latest concept of nozzle needle control is built upon existing class-leading 3-way valve technology featured in E3 (Electronic unit injector) and E3P (Electronic Unit pump) systems achieving minimal pressure drop whilst maintaining excellent minimum quantity control at all rail pressures. This technology provides major advantages over more traditional 2-way and statically leakless valves.

To meet and exceed the Euro VI requirements whilst improving the efficiency of the injector, difficulties were encountered with durability early in the development process. This necessitated the evolution in concept, as detailed in this paper. Through the development of solenoid valve control, the current design provides significant improvements to durability and consistency of manufacture whilst meeting the performance expectations of current and future markets.

The Delphi Euro VI injector concept has been designed for application across two key platforms: Distributed Pump Common Rail System (DPCRS) and Remote Pump Common Rail System (RPCRS). The technology delivers precise and repeatable control of injection events combined with ultra high pressures across all engine operating conditions, therefore reducing the burden upon complex and expensive exhaust after-treatment systems.

BSFC  = Brake Specific 
Fuel ConsumptionDDS  = Delphi Diesel Systems
DPCRS  = Distributed Pump Common Rail System
DPF  = Diesel Particle Filter
ECU  = Engine Control Unit
EDM  = Electrical Discharge Machining
EGR  = Exhaust Gas Recirculation
EUI  = Electronic Unit Injector
EUP  = Electronic Unit Pump
FIE  = Fuel Injection Equipment
FIS  = Fuel Injection Systems
HD  = Heavy Duty
NCV  = Nozzle Control Valve
NOx  = Nitrogen Oxides NO & NO2
OEM  = Original Equipment Manufacturer
PM  = Particulate Matter
RPCRS  = Remote Pump Common Rail System
SCR  = Selective Catalytic Reduction

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