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How to clear your diesel Injectors?

Posted on 8/22/2014 3:16:58 PM

 Fuel deposits can easily accumulate on the intake valves of your car engine and even the ports, combustion chambers, fuel injectors and the normal injectors. Dirty fuel injectors can result in clogging leading to a variety of engine issues like power loss, hesitation, pinging, misfire, rough idle, hard starting and knocking. However, one very huge problem that can suddenly cause a blow to your pocket without even having you getting a notice of this blow is the drop in the fuel economy of your car along with dirty emissions and inferior performance. There exists a very simple method of cleaning fuel injectors that can help in marinating the good and healthy condition of your car. Fuel Injector Cleaning can also help you in avoiding major problems of the engine, improvising fuel economy and in turn saving you a lot of money.

Different Methods of Fuel Injector Cleaning
The main purpose of cleaning fuel injector is the removal of the buildup of fuel varnish contaminants and deposits that generally clog injectors affecting their operation. It is therefore very important to clean the fuel injectors periodically so that they can serve optimal operations. Fuel Injector Cleaning every 25000 to 30000 miles is recommended by experts once in a year. Cleaning the fuel injector not only helps in improving the functionality of the vehicle but it is also of great help in improving and restoring the performance of the engine, fuel economy and in reducing emissions. One good thing about cleaning fuel injector is that it can be done all alone and without taking the guidance and the advice of a professional auto mechanic. However, if the fuel injector is found to be clogged badly then the services of an auto mechanic might be required. The different methods of cleaning a fuel injector have been enumerated below:
Method: 1- Making Use of Fuel Injector Cleaning Kit
You can get a kit for cleaning fuel injector at any reputable store dealing in auto supply. However, before you try connecting the cleaning kit, it is important to locate the injector and necessary measures of preventing fuel from entering the injectors need to be taken. This can be done by making use of tubing for bypassing fuel injector so that the fuel is able to return to the tank or by carrying out the process of fuel pump removal and by blocking the return line of the fuel. Once this process has been carried out, you need to immediately disconnect the pressure regulator for the fuel. Next the cleaning kit needs to be connected to fuel input port and the fuel cap of the tank is also required to be removed for releasing any kind of pressure within the tank that might get build up because of the kit. The valve of the cleaning kit is also required to be removed until it is able to match up with the injection pressure valve. The engine has to be started once the kit is able to reach the pressure value that is required so that the solvent used for cleaning is able to pass through the kit and the injector and the clogged debris and dirt can be successfully removed from the fuel injector. The entire procedure will take some time. Once you are over with this process, engine must be switched off, the kit needs to be removed and the fuel pump, fuel pressure regulator and the fuel lines have to be reconnected. With this last step, you are over with the cleaning procedure and you will immediately notice some dramatic changes in the performance of your car’s engine.
Method: 2- Manual Cleaning
Manual cleaning of the injector requires special tools and it also takes much time in comparison to on-car cleaning. However, it is important to note that manual cleaning is much more effective than on-car cleaning as each and every part of the injector is cleaned thoroughly and so there is no scope of any part being left out. While using the above methods of cleaning fuel injector, it is also important for people to take some precautions for safety and easy dealing.

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