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How common rail nozzle being produced?

Posted on 8/15/2016 1:25:31 PM

In common rail injectorts,the problem usually comes from the nozzle and control valve which is precision components in the system.As the diesel injection parts specialist,China Balin Power Co.,Ltd could produce the Euro 3 nozzles,application to Bosch,Denso,Delphi CRDI injectors.Today we will introduce the production process of the common rail nozzles:
The production of needle valve body - nozzle body
Step 1.Drill of semifinishe nozzle body
common rail

Using four axis machine gun drill imported from Germany to drill the nozzle body.
common rail systems

This is the finished status.Here One time process in confectioning could guarantee the concentricity,straightness,roughness

Step 2:the process of the nozzle body holes
Common Rail High-Pressure Pumps

This machine is imported from USA to process the holes of nozzle body

Step 3:electrochemistry electrolysis oil holder

nozzle supplier

This step is to assure the size of the oil holder and no burr.

You need to insert the knife inside to dig in the old days.It caused many burr and out-of-shape.
While now electrochemistry successfully solve this problem.

Step 4:holes processing
In order to assure the injection pressure and performance,it needs strictly control of precision in nozzle holes.This holes requires to be inverted cone to improve the flow coefficient and injection performance.

Now we use the machine above from Switzerland which will help to assure flow accuracy ±1%.

Step 5:extrusion and abrasion technique
common rail nozzlescommon rail parts manufacturers

By using Extrude Hone equipment from United States to check needle valve flow online.And error is controled within ±1%.In the other hand,it could also help remove the burr.

Step 6:flow measurement
This step is to measure of flow of finished nozzle valve and assure 100% testing sucessfully.

common rail systems

Meanwhile we need to also know what's the nozzle working performance in the real situation.We need to install into the OE injector and test the parameters in every conditions.

Step 7:Processing big hole in the seat surface and end face
Here is the Germany made machine to realize the function.

This machine plays an important role in precision and coaxiality.And after the end face processed,it is conducive to installing and sealing to injector.


Now we are coming to see how the other important component - needle valve  to be produced

Step 1:semifinished needle valve

After the heat treatment,the left needle valve is polished to the right semifinished valve.In the next process,it will be precise casting.

Step 2:checking the size of semifinished needle valve

Through the projector,we could enlarge the size to check whether it could match the nozzle body.

Step 3:process the angle of needle valve 

After last step,the tested needle valve will be sent to process in the machine from Germany above.

In the machine,many needle valve could be process at the same time which advantage is make sure Needle valve Angle and needle valve guide round head alignment.And the consistency and stability of the size of Needle valve sealing head line could also be assured.

Step 4:process the cylindrical size of needle valve

Finally we need to process the cylindrical size of needle valve which could be done in this Italy CNC precision coreless grinding.The roundness of needle valve is controled above 0.25μm which could meet the accuracy requirement of common rail injector.

Step 5:Installing 
After above steps,it is coming to final.Now we need to send both nozzle body and needle valve to matching process.Because it is technical security,we will not show here.
common rail systems

Above is the nozzles finished which is made up of nozzle body and needle valve.Strictly speaking,these two components has so high requirement in tolerance clearance that they can't be replaced during using.But our processing precision could assure that you replace for the same production.

common rail nozzles

After nozzle produced,we need also to spot check to make sure every production parts could meet the demand of precision.
common rail nozzle supplier

So are you still looking for quality common rail nozzles suppliers?
We are always here to serve you.
Contact us alen@china-balin.com

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