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How common rail diesel engines work?

Posted on 2/16/2016 4:25:54 PM

Comparing to the traditional diesel engine,the common rail diesel engine uses the electronic circuits
to control the amount of fuel to inject into the cylinder.By taking advantage of this advanced technology,its time time of injection(TI), Start of injection (SOI), Injection quantity (Q), and the injection pressure (P) are all accuretaly controlled with ecu.

In order to pump in high pressure fuel from the tank to the common rail,a high pressure pump (HPP) from engine shaft is used.

With common rail,the fuel could be delivery and maintained at a very high pressure of about 2000bar.During the firing sequence of that particular cylinder, the high pressure electronicaly operater injector will be opened and fuel with a pressure of about 2000 bar is injected in to the cylinder. 

Because the fuel cloud is completely automised and combustion.It leads to the less emission of pollutants and now the common rail systems becomes popular during the manufacturers of engines.

common rail diesel engine

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