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How a Fuel Injection ECU System Works

Posted on 2/17/2016 11:37:10 AM

There are 3 sub-systems to consist of the EFI(Electronic Fuel Injection):air induction system, fuel delivery system and the electronic control system.Among which,the Electronic Control Unit is an integral part in EFI.For the fuel injected engine,the fuel injection ECU system palys an important role in regulating and maintaining the amount of fuel and air that the engine needs to increase horsepower.We could find the ECU together with various sensors, fuel injector assemblies and any related fuel injection wiring in the EFI electronic control system.

For ECU (Engine Control Unit) systems,there are many functions.One of its feature is that it controls the fuel mixture used by the engine. This computer program receives several data and computes them to come up with the appropriate amount.The ECU of an Electronic Fuel Injection also determines when is the right time to deliver the air and fuel ratio to the engine. This process is called injection duration or injection pulse width.

Second,ECU also control the Idle speed through the programmable throttle stop.Meanwhile the ignition timing is also controled by adjusting the time when the spark ignition plug should be sparked, resulting in better power.

Third,it could decide when the valve will open through increasing performance and power of the car since the flow of air into the cylinder is maximized.For the sensors in the ECU,the engine's speed, coolant temperature,throttle angle and exhaust oxygen content are all under control.

Finally let's talk how the fuel injction ECU works?
A fuel injection ECU works by pulsing or controlling the fuel injectors in the engine. This is done by switching the injector ground circuit on or off depending on what is required by the engine. If the injector ground circuit is turned on the fuel is sprayed at the back of the intake valve.
When the fuel is sprayed, it mixes with the air. Then we have to talk about the ECU sensors which plays an important roles during this.It not only gives a signal to the ECU to provide the right air and fuel ratio,but also offer some other data,like workload, exhaust gas composition as well as engine and ambient temperatures.These datas could decide the amount of fuel injected and mixed with the incoming air.

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