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GAZ Group produces a pilot batch of common rail fuel pumps for E5 diesel engines

Posted on 7/25/2016 3:57:30 PM

Yaroslavl Fuel Equipment Plant (YaZDA) produces a pilot batch of power controlled high-pressure battery-charged fuel systems for high-speed YMZ-534 E5 engines (Common Rail). This is the first Russian development of E5 Common Rail fuel systems. The design allows conversion in compliance with E6 requirements. Project investments amount to approximately RUR 500 M including RUR 200 M – subsidized confounding by the Industrial Development Foundation. The SOP is planned for Q2.
Compliance with the modern E5 and E6 standards requires application of new fuel equipment that allows increasing injection pressure, precise fuel dosing, flexible integrated control of injection start and characteristics depending on the mode of operation of a diesel engine. Nowadays, up to 70 % of the globally produced diesel engines are equipped with Common Rail systems.
YaZDA Common Rail fuel pump for YMZ-530 engines allows for pressure of 2,000 atm with the capacity of increasing up to 2,500 atm, which assure qualitative fuel injection and stable engine operation. Such pressure capacity and respective ECU software and catalytic converter adjustment allows conversion to comply with E6 requirements.
Pumps are tested using modern rigs in operation since late 2014. Pump and pump component operation is tested in all the available modes of operation including exceeding the net parameters. The design solutions of the pump assure low engine sensibility to fuel quality.
Common Rail systems are used in engines installed to vehicles, tractors and vessels, as well as agricultural and specialty vehicles. Such products have high export potential. E5 YMZ-530 engines with new pumps installed to GAZon Next trucks and PAZ buses are in process of road testing. YaZDA pumps with Common Rails fuel equipment are successfully certified for KAMAZ engines.
Konstantin Rukhani, Director of the GG Powertrain Division:
– This project is very important both for our fuel equipment plant and the entire branch: a Russian Common Rail fuel feed system shall become an important part of the complete import replacement chain. Previously, all the Russian engine manufacturers used imported Common Rail fuel systems for their diesel engines. The new YaZDA fuel pump is of small size, high speed and high capacity. It is 20 % cheaper than its foreign analogues, has the same technical features and better suits Russian operational conditions. The project implementation will allow GAZ Group become the leader on the Russian Common Rail fuel system market and enter foreign markets.
Mikhail Markov, Deputy Director of the Industrial Development Foundation:
– The YaZDA Plan project makes a significant contribution into import replacement in the field of diesel engine building. By 2021, the company intends to make a 70% share on the Russian Common Rail system market through the project implementation, as well as to enter foreign markets. The Industrial Development Foundation has already invested RUR 1.8 B into five automotive component development projects. I would like to underline that private investments into these projects will amount to RUR 5.6 B, which is 3 times more than state loans.

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