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Fuel System Efficiency & Economy

Posted on 5/6/2016 10:56:52 AM

As the stringent regulations on emissions released out,the demand of fuel efficiency and economy becomes ever-increasing.Modern engines have transfered from mechanical pumps to elecrical to pursue higher power.

China Balin Parts Plant launched the common rail parts production line before 2010,covering 2,600 applications vehicles.With this new range extension in diesel fuel systems,the export rate of the company has been increasing in recent years due to its high performance.

As a reputable manufacturers in China,here we will introduce some professional tips for the common problems of fuel pumps.

Fuel pumps are a non-serviceable item. As long as they are not leaking, they won’t be checked for wear-and-tear or any other damage. If a faulty fuel pump goes undetected, there can be negative consequences for the fuel system and the running of the vehicle.

What will faulty fuel pumps can cause?
1.loss of engine power at high speeds or under heavy loads,
2.loud noise emitted from the pump and
3.ignition problems and failure to start.

Why fuel pump failure?
It might be cuased from the fuel tank contamination, a blocked fuel filter, a torn or degraded diaphragm.

Electrical fuel pumps suffer if the fuel level runs too low as the pump has to work harder to maintain the high pressure that modern injection systems require. Fuel is also needed to cool and lubricate the system and the wear rate can significantly increase when there is not enough fuel available.

Because the signal reaching the pump will be affected,we need to check the electrical pumps for  for rust on the connectors.We need to pay attention to the  all hoses and pumps are reconnected before turning on the ignition.A damaged fuse could also be one reason for the failure to operate the fuel pumps.

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