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Fuel Pumps & Fuel Injection Failure

Posted on 6/14/2016 3:55:52 PM

For every electronic fuel injection system,its heart is the electric fuel pump.Located inside or near the fuel tank,it plays an important role as below:
1.To push fuel from the tank to the injectors
2.To create sufficient pressure so the injectors will deliver the correct amount of fuel under all operating conditions.

The pressure developed by the pump, as well as the volume of fuel it flows, must both meet the vehicle manufacturers' requirements or engine performance, economy and emissions will suffer.

The amount of fuel pressure required for a given application will vary depending on the type of injection system (L-Jetronic, CIS, Motronic, etc.), the flow characteristics of the injectors and the engine's fuel requirements.

Why Fuel Flow & Fuel Pressure Are So Important
It will bring problems of driveability and emissions if the fuel pump is not produced and supplied by the official or professional manufacturer with the OE tech.It will result in upset the calibration of your fuel system which engine will run lean or starve for fuel under load, causing symptoms such as hard starting (hot or cold), poor idle quality, hesitation or stumbling when accelerating and a loss of high-speed power.

Low fuel pressure can also be a cause of lean misfire at idle and under load, which causes a dramatic increase in hydrocarbon (HC) emissions. A car experiencing this kind of problem usually won't pass an "enhanced" emissions test that measures exhaust emissions under simulated driving conditions on a dynamometer.

Low fuel pressure and/or lean misfire can also trigger the engine warning lamp on 1996 and newer cars equipped with OBD II (on-board diagnostics).

So if your original fuel pump fail and need to replace,you need to make sure this replacement parts could meet the OE fuel performance specifications.The diesel injection parts from aftermarket suppliers - China Balin Power Co;Ltd do match it while others can't.Alway remember - you get what you pay for.It is not worthy for you to risk buying fuel injection system parts from non-authorized or trading company which even don't have aftersale service.Why Fuel Pumps Fail

Electric fuel pumps run constantly, so after many years of service they can experience wear in the armature bushings, brushes and commutator. Pump vanes, rollers or gears can also wear causing a gradual loss of pressure and flow.

Accelerated wear may also occur if sediment or rust gets past the inlet filter sock. In some instances, a pump will fail because contaminants entered the pump and jammed it, causing the motor to overheat and burn out.

Your Honda's fuel pump relies on fuel passing through it for lubrication and cooling. Consequently, fuel starvation can be another factor that accelerates wear and may even cause pump damage under certain operating conditions.

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