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Forged common rail for a gasoline direct injection

Posted on 3/23/2016 10:33:32 AM

It is recognized to be key technology with huge potential for the gasoline direct injection. It operates in two steps: After the gasoline has been highly pressurized, a common rail injects it directly into the combustion chamber, which allows the fuel to burn more efficiently. It brings low fuel consumption, reduced emissions and high power output.In order for higher internal pressure and to requiring higher-resistant common rails,the next-generation petrol engines would be designed to be smaller and lighter.

As the aftermarket common rail parts manufacturers,China Balin Parts Plant and other leading automotive manufacturers like Bosch,Denso have recognized the big disadvantaged of the tubular manufacturing technique and a better solution has been found:forging of the entire component without additional welding or brazing.So what's the advantage of a forged common rail for a gasoline direct injection?


Because the material of common rail is stainless steel and made up of one piece which eliminates the risk for cracks and leakages.Forging is regarded as the best solution to avoid common rail problems.Additionally, forging strengthens the material by closing empty spaces within the metal while deforming and shaping it with localized compressive forces.


In order to avoid the corrosion and handle pressure,high-quality metal is needed for the production of common rail gasoline direct injection .Besides,nowadays the emission regulations of Euro 6 standards has been released.Forged stainless steel will assure the resistance and reliability by reducing emission of gas and particles.


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