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Delphi F2E High Pressure Heavy Duty Diesel Common Rail System

Posted on 1/13/2016 1:44:17 PM

As an advanced diesel common rail technology,the Delphi F2E High Pressure Heavy Duty Diesel Common Rail System (F2E System) is the world's first high pressure common rail system to be mounted entirely within an engine's cylinder head. It offer a high performance solution for new engines,and also provides a cost effective upgrade path for existing Electronic Unit Injector (EUI) engines.


"Non-pumping" injectors and "pumping" injectors are used by the F2E System.Comparing "Non-pumping" injectors acting like traditional common rail injectors,the "pumping" injectors also contain separate pumping elements driven by the overhead cam, which pressurize the rail.The number of injectors are no long equipped with the number of pumping elements.So it might be optimized power requirement of each application.Because the pressurized fuel,the injectors are supplied with a constant source of high pressure fuel at any engine speed.It also allow fully flexible injection capability, particularly related to close-coupled small quantities.

1.packaging entirely within the cylinder head available through Space saving design 
2.High energy efficiency
3.Wide range of nozzle options are available because of Delphi's robust, proven electronic unit injector pumping system combined with new high pressure common rail injector technology
4.Scalable distributed pump design enables a variety of pumping combinations and non-pumping injectors to be installed for different power ratings
5.The capability of flexible injection fully
6.Control Small quantity injection
7.capability of close-coupled multiple injection
8.Low mechanical noise
9.High pressure capability (up to 2,700 bar) make the less chance for aftertreatment devices
10.capability of on board diagnostics and dynamic trimming capability
11.Target emissions: Euro VI, post-US 10, post-Japan NLTR, Tier IV
12.Dynamic selective replacement of pumping injectors provides enhanced operating efficiency
Delphi F2E High Pressure Heavy Duty Diesel Common Rail Pump Injector

Typical Applications
Delphi F2E system apply for nine to 16 liter heavy duty diesel engines that are used for on- and off-highway applications.

Plunger diameter 7 mm
Plunger stroke 18 mm
Peak pressure range 2,500 bar to 2,700 bar
Engine cylinder capacity 1.5 L to 2.6 L
Drive voltage 50 V

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