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Cummins Fuel Systems

Posted on 5/18/2016 10:16:29 AM

Cummins advanced, world-class technologies help you get the most out of your fuel system. With Cummins on your side, you'll see increases in efficiency, fuel economy and engine capabilities, while remaining compliant with increasingly stringent emission standards.

Cummins advanced fuel systems lines, including CELECT (Cummins Electronic Engine Control), high pressure injection, extreme pressure injection and the Cummins Common Rail pump, were all built with market-leading technologies designed by the Cummins team, considered some of the best research and develop and engineering minds in the industry. In both new product production and remanufacturing, the business is a critical partner to Cummins engine applications and other key external partners.

Cummins Inc. leverages over 80 years of Fuel Systems experience in its current operations. Located in Columbus, Indiana; El Paso, Texas; and Juarez Mexico, the Fuel Systems Business produces and remanufactures both unit injector and common rail systems, as well as electronic control modules. The business is expanding manufacturing capabilities in other areas of the world to ensure future growth and support in emerging global markets.

The Fuel Systems new product line supports engine applications ranging from 8 to 78 liters. The remanufacturing business supplies fully reconditioned products for engine remanufacturing and field service needs.

The CELECT fuel system is Cummins first electronically controlled unit injection system, released in 1990. Currently used on Cummins M11 engine platform, CELECT is a cam driven system that provides high injection pressure.                                                                                            

High Pressure Injection (HPI) Systems
The Heavy Duty HPI (HD HPI) system is an electronically controlled unit injection system currently used on the Cummins Inc. ISX 15 liter and Scania 12 liter products. This open nozzle system provides higher pressure injection than previously released Cummins systems.

Similar to the Heavy Duty model, the High Horse Power HPI (HHP HPI) system is an electronically controlled unit injection system.In order to meet a variety of customer needs, the HHP HPI system can be utilized in multiple engine cylinder configurations. This system is used on Cummins Inc. high horse power engines ranging from 6 cylinder/19 liter to 18 cylinder/78 liter.

Cummins Common Rail (CCR) Pump
The common rail injection system is used in engine applications previously supported by pump-line-nozzle (PLN) fuel systems in midrange and smaller diesel engines.The Cummins Common Rail fuel pump offers higher injection pressure and requires less power to operate, resulting in improved fuel economy and emissions compared to competitors'fuel systems. The CCR pump is used on Cummins Inc. ISL 9 liter and ISC 8 liter engines.

Extreme Pressure Injection (XPI) System
The XPI system is the most recently released Cummins Inc. fuel system product. XPI is a jointly developed and manufactured system with a Joint Venture between Cummins Inc. and Scania. This common rail system provides the highest injection pressure of any other common rail system. Primarily targeted for Cummins midrange and Scania heavy duty applications, the XPI system is the result of Cummins market leading technology.

Fuel Systems Business Remanufactured Products
The Cummins Fuel Systems Business remanufactures a variety of components to factory controlled specifications. By integrating the new product and remanufacturing businesses, the Fuel Systems Business offers a more affordable and hi-quality alternative to purchasing new parts.

Cummins Electronic Control Modules
Cummins PT/STC Injectors
Cummins CELECT Injectors & Actuators
Cummins High Pressure Injection (HPI) Injectors & Actuators
Cummins CAPS Pumps & Modules
Bosch Midrange Injectors
Cummins Common Rail Pumps

Market Leading Technology
The Fuel Systems Business Research and Development organization, headquartered in Columbus Indiana, is a fully integrated technology team responsible for the design, development, test, and support of new, current, and remanufactured Fuel Systems products. The Fuel Systems Research and Development team uses the latest engineering technology, such as Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Finite Element Analysis (FEA). These sophisticated tools, in concert with material technology advancements, result in increased product capability, while maintaining strict reliability standards.

Housed within one of the primary manufacturing sites, the R&D team is a key partner to the operations organizations. Close organization alignment between R&D, manufacturing, and remanufacturing allows for continuous information flow throughout the business. This integrated approach results in a more robust product design, focused on manufacturability and the needs of our customers.

Cummins Fuel Systems recognizes the importance of forward thinking product development. A strong focus on product preceding technology allows for continuous advancements in emissions reduction, product performance, and engine reliability.

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