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Common rail system VS Diesel injection system

Posted on 10/18/2018 4:32:21 PM

The common rail system is different from the previous diesel injection system driven by camshaft. The common rail diesel injection system completely separates the injection pressure generation and the injection process.The injector controlled by electromagnetic valve replaces the traditional mechanical injector. The fuel pressure in the fuel rail is generated by a radial plunger high-pressure pump. The pressure is independent of the engine speed and can be set freely within a certain range.The fuel pressure in common rail is controlled by an electromagnetic pressure regulating valve and is continuously regulated according to the working requirements of the engine.The electric control unit ACTS on the fuel injector solenoid valve pulse signal to control the fuel injection process.The amount of fuel injection depends on the oil pressure in the fuel rail and the opening time of the solenoid valve, as well as the liquid flow characteristics of the nozzle.
Fuel injection pressure is an important indicator of diesel engine, because it relates to engine power, fuel consumption, emissions, etc.
The common rail diesel injection system has raised fuel injection pressure to 1800bar.
In order to guarantee high pressure injection and accurate flow control, it requies high precision of each component of the high pressure common rail system .Because the huge cost of common rail parts,repair costs are quite high.Take a heavy truck injector body as an example, it will cost more than 250USD.Therefore, high requirements are put forward for diesel cleanliness and quality common rail parts.Nowadays,most of the common rail spares are supplied by OE,such as BOSCH,DENSO,ZEXEL,DELPHI,etc.There are also well-known chinese brands,like BASCOLIN which is familar by market due to its outstanding performance and reliability.This brand product range covers common rail nozzles,injector control valves,complete injectors and pumps.

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