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Common Rail System Overview

Posted on 3/23/2016 2:56:28 PM

Common rail systems,electronically controlled,are a world apart from the mechanically timed fuel systems of the past.It will provide far more scope for adjustment and monitoring.The injectors in this system is also electronically controlled to offer higher pressures and better atomised fuel on demand with precise.Below is the overview of the common rail systems.

common rail systems




You could see the key components:

1.Electric feed pump (not present on all systems) – supplies fuel to the high pressure pump

2.Filter – it is vital that this is replaced in line with manufacturers recommendations to ensure system cleanliness and lifespan

3.Overflow valve – enables excess fuel to overflow back into the fuel tank

4.Return manifold – controls the return of fuel back to the fuel tank

5.High Pressure pump – the high pressure pump is the heart of the fuel system. This is where diesel fuel has it’s pressure increased – it is engine driven, system dependent and can generate in excess of 2,000 BAR – to put this pressure into perspective a common car tyre pressure would be around 2.5 to 3.5 BAR!


This pressure is usually controlled by one of 2 methods:

1.Regulating the quantity of fuel drawn into the high pressure pump, limiting the amount of pressure that can be generated.

2.Regulation of the generated pressure within the pump by releasing some of the pressure into the return lines back to the fuel tank.


Advantage of the common rail:

1.Improve atomisation of fuel,ignition and combustion within the engine

2.Improve performance while reducing fuel consumption

3.Quieter engine


According to the sales record,the demand for the diesel vehicles and also common rail components is growing,global automotive manufacturers Bosch,Denso has already take action to invest more in this field.Meanwhile in aftermarket,it is a significant sales opportunities for China Balin Parts Plant,who also introduced more and more technology and parts to meet this demand.It is thought that this trend of common rail is going to continue in the next couple of years.

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