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Caterpillar Common Rail Fuel System

Posted on 12/31/2015 3:07:03 PM

In order to meet emission regulations and customer expectations,CATERPILLAR has invested 
a lot to push the high performance air systems - Cat Common Rail (Cat CR) fuel system which 
include a high pressure (HP) pump, rail,inector and electronics.Beause CATERPILLAR's broad 
experience with electronically controlled engines, range of product lines and in house design 
and analysis expertise,expecially its expertise in electronics,it will make the most effective technology.

Advantage of CATERPILLAR Common Rail Systems

1.Various injection pressure for all the engine operating range
2.Emissions highly optimized and excellent performance
3.Application for HFO, MDO and DO
4.100% retrofittable system

Safety Concept
Concerning on the Safety & customer value,CAT focus on developing a state-of-the-art design with the features below:
1.Two high pressure pumps for redundancy.
2.Double-walled lines and rails.Meanwhile operational safety is highly increased by its redundant speed pick-ups
and pressure sensors, a safety gear between pump and engine, a pressure relief valve and flow limiters.
High Pressure Pump
The required amount of fuel is delivery to the rail by these two high pressure pumps which is based on the proven design and modified for HFO operation.Meanwhile the desired rail pressure is also offered with closed loop control. By having two pumps for all in-line engines the amount of HP connections and components is drastic-ally reduced and thus increases reliability.The inlet metering control of the pump ensures a high pump efficiency.
The key features are:
1. Two pumps for redundancy.
2. Inlet metering control.
3. Well adapted injection pressure.
4. Closed loop control of rail pressure
The double-walled rails are pressurized and act as an accumulator, with one rail segment feeding fuel to three injectors,i. e. a nine cylinder engine has only three rail segments, an eight cylinder engine has two rail segments, each feeding four injectors. This layout reduces the number of parts and the number of high pressure connections. Flow limiters prevent the cylinders from overfueling; a safety valve acts as pressure relief in case of an unwanted overpressurized rail. 
A simple and robust approach, using the actual fuel as control fluid to eliminate the need for a separate control fluid system is adopt by CAT.The injector nozzle is cooled by lube oil,a typical feature for heavy fuel operation.In order to cooling to the electrical components within the injector and increasing the lifetime,the lube oil circuit is used in the CATERPILLAR Common rail injectors.
This simple,robust and compact design of injector are features:
1.Controlled electronically
2.Flexible injection timing and duration
3.Be able to multi shot injections
The key component is the Caterpillar A4E4 (or ADEM) Electronic Control Module (ECM),which plays an important role in  Caterpillar Common Rail fuel system .Twenty years ago,in order to maximize overall performance and reduce emissions output,fuel delivery, air supply and other engine functions is coordinated and enhanced by  the ADEM of CATERPILLAR.
Caterpillar catach its unique position in the common rail systems because of its expertise for core electronic components and software.
Based on existing software and engine control strategies, the specific needs of heavy fuel burning engines and applications can be easily adopted.Depending on engine type, application and boundary conditions, a tailor made version allows for optimal operation.
The engine control system is operated by engine protection system independently with its own independent sensor equipments.And it allows that engine operation is monitored independently of other control systems.
The ECM functions can be divided into a core system and a performance system which insists of :
1. Control device A4E4.
2. One crankshaft speed pick-up.
3. Two camshaft speed pick-ups.
4. Two high-pressure sensors.
5 .Inlet metering valve.
6.Injector drivers
Using information like exhaust gas temperature, charge air pressure, ambient conditions and lube oil temperature,all the operation condition could be set optimally by this systems.
As the chinese professional manufacturer,China Balin Parts Plant also invest huge cost in developing an emission reduction technology to improve engine performance by taking advantage of the capabilities and benefits of a fully flexible common rail fuel system.Right now we already pushed common rail nozzles,common rail injector valve sets.For more details and info,you could contact alen@china-balin.com.

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