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CHINA-BALIN has introduced new Piezo Injectors

Posted on 1/23/2016 10:44:41 AM

In order to meet the Euro VI (and equivalent US Tier 2 Bin 5) standards without the need for any costly NOx aftertreatment,China Balin Parts Plant introduce the new piezo electric injectors,which is a vital key to make the latest generation of diesel engines as clean and efficient as possible.And because this is also a component from new level of common rail injection systems.Comparing to the traditional injectors,using electro-magnetic solenoids to move the injector needles allowing fuel to flow into the combustion chamber,the piezo injectors use a stack of piezo crystal plates that expand when an electric current is applied.That expansion causes the needle to move.The expansion of the piezo crystals is more precise and repeatable than the electro-magnetic solenoids allowing for more precise fuel metering for lower consumption and emissions. 

As an expert in the common rail systems,CHINA-BALIN make excellent new injectors by taking advantage of precision and reproducibility of the piezo crystals by adding position sensing to the needle itself.
Because the position of the needle in time now correlates so well to the fuel flow rate, the potential exists to be able to eliminate other sensors that are being used to control diesel fuel systems. High pressure common rail injection systems typically use 5 -7 individual injection pulses per combustion cycle. Because the fuel flow can be measured in real time with the new injectors, the size of individual pulses within the sequence can be varied for even lower fuel consumption and emissions. CHINA-BALIN makes a great contribution in achieving a 35 percent reduction in particulate and NOx emissions by offering this new piezo injectors.We believe it will also help a lot to save cost in gas and diesel engines.

piezo electric injectors

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