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Bosch common rail diesel injectors blow-by

Posted on 3/5/2016 2:29:37 PM

Bosch common rail diesel injectors – problems relating to the following symptoms
- Hard or difficult starting
- Erratic or uneven tick over or idle
- Lumpy running
- Hesitation on acceleration
- Smoke on tick over or acceleration
- Black “tar” around the injectors
- Chuffing sound from the engine when running
Injector Blow-by
Injector „blow-by‟ can be the cause of some of the above symptoms. Injector „blow-by‟ occurs when the injector does not seal against the injector seat in the cylinder head. Often a chuffing sound is heard or black “tar” can be seen around the injectors. The engine could also experience one or more of the above symptoms. On some engine applications if this continues serious engine damage could result due to the fact that the ECU will over compensate the fuelling on the cylinder or cylinders with the seating problem causing piston washing or cylinder over fuelling.Even if the injector is removed, cleaned, a new copper washer fitted and then replaced it will not always rectify the problem. The reason for this is that the seat in the cylinder head has been eroded by the escaping combustion gases resulting in damage to the seat. The only way to reface the seat is to use a seat cutting tool and gently reface the seat in the head

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