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Bosch Diesel CB18 High-Pressure Pump: economical and highly efficient for passenger cars

Posted on 3/31/2017 10:35:23 AM

Bosch Diesel CB18 High-Pressure Pump is environmental friendly power system which is highly reliable, highly efficient and cost effective pump. Appropriate for all diesel passenger cars and light commercial vehicles.

Bosch Diesel CB18 High-Pressure Pump aligns with the China emission standard III and IV with the system pressure of 1400/1600 bar and transmission index 1:2 ratio.

Bosch Diesel CB18 High-Pressure Pump is highly accurate which ensures correct pressure and fuel distribution to the engine cylinder which makes the vehicles more fuel efficient. It has a robust design which enhances the durability of the pump.
Your benefits at a glance:

Environmental Friendly
Highly Efficient
Long Service Life
Very Economical
Enhanced Durability

Compared to Bosch,the Diesel CB18 Common Rail Pump produced by China Balin Power Co.,Ltd is equipped with much more competitive price in the basis of excellent performance.In aftermarket,we have exported this pump to many countries with highly appreciation,such as Russia.If you are looking for quality high pressure pumps suppliers,we are your choice!
CB18 pumps

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