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BYD Cut into The Internet of Auto, will Apply into Upper Medium Model

Posted on 8/29/2013 6:40:18 PM

BYD has fulfilled with experience of auto digital field, and it will introduce new auto model with ISO or Andrew built in. Staff of Public Relationship Dept. told reporter that it is still a secret which models will gear with the system. The project is still under research. However, as it known, Su Rui, Si Rui etc. will arm LTD touch screen in the future and it compatible with IPhone and Andrew phone. The application based on the two systems is able to work on new car model. Internet of auto will be configuration option for upper medium vehicle next.

“It will benefit BYD among young generation for enter internet of auto. It will increase market share for BYD”. Inner staff of BYD marketing company told reporter.

Multi-network integration is the tendency of auto industry in the future. BYD has its own advantages in nature. The company has IT business, and cooperates with Apple, Samsung and etc. global first-class enterprises for a long time. BYD accumulates heavy technology and able to have innovation on vertical integration. The company research and development speed and product matching are guaranteed. At present, BDY has found a special business unit to take responsibility of auto digital research. The BU has developed remote drive and mobile phone cloudy service already.

According to auto product developer introduction, internet of auto refers to intercommunication of car to car, car to road, car to person, car to sensor etc. It makes true of dynamic mobile communication system of vehicle and public network. It is able to collect vehicle, road and environment information by information sharing of car to car, car to person, and car to road. The system also able to process, calculate and publish all the information on info network platform.

The charm of vehicle- network integration has already been proven by the global welcomed Tesla Model S electronic car. However, BYD is possible to be the leader of internet of auto in China. As early as on “Shanghai Auto Exhibition 2013”, BYD announced that new SAGE series will integrate with car voice technology of Nuance Co.

After 2 years adjustment, BYD has walked out of the shadow. The company has revenue of 26.04 billion Yuan by the half year financial report, which increases 15.32% over the performance of the same period last year. Particular it realizes 0.43 billion net profit, which increase 2524% over last year.

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