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Posted on 1/25/2016 11:00:51 AM

"BASCOLIN" is a brand introduced by global common rail parts & diesel injection parts manufacturer - China Balin Parts Plant.In the past,for some international traders,the chinese brand always stand for cheap without quality guarantee.While nowadays if their thinking still keep same,they are on the way out from the society and market.

"BASCOLIN" is one of the developing brand like "BYD","Chery".The chinese products are becoming more and more popular in the world,notonly because of competitive price,but also its reliable quality.We are turning from "MADE IN CHINA" to "Intellectually Manufactured in China".Take "BASCOLIN" common rail nozzles & injector valve sets for example,it has made great contributes in reducing the emission,noise through improving the persformance,efficiency of diesel and petrol engine.Its parts could meet the latest emission rule Euro VI (and equivalent US Tier 2 Bin 5) standards.

Comparing to global automotive supplier like DENSO,BOSCH,"BASCOLIN" has the advantage of competitive price,but also could be their replacement thanks to its excellent performance in quality.Meanwhile its production line also reach to diesel locomotive parts application to EMD/GE,like p&b,nozzles,cages,etc.

"BASCOLIN" brand could be your first choice in the aftermarket parts.

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