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Army Tank Head Hydraulic Motor & Piston for AVDS-1790-2A

Posted on 9/4/2015 2:54:51 PM

China Balin Parts Plant is the leader manufacturer in provide the OEM & aftermarket parts and rebuild the parts of AVDS–1790  engine used in M60 tank.Supported by our warehousing, direct manufacturer and replacement part engineering,we could guarantee the foremost through–life supply chain for AVDS–1790 spare parts in the world.Meanwhile the OEM spare parts from our stock ensure its long life using.
Main features of the AVDS-1790 Series can be summarised as: air cooling for engine/transmission oil, low-voltage protection, automatic fuel/water separation, smoke generator, waterproof to 15 m, top-mounted fuel and electrical quick disconnects, high-capacity electrical systems (300, 650 and 800 A), modular construction, high power-to-weight ratio, 60 per cent gradient and 30 per cent slope operation, cold starting aids and extreme weather operation (-62 to +60°C).
If you are looking for hydraulic head HD8821A,HD90101A,Welcome to contact us.
NSN: 2910-00-064-6262
ADB: 135S-126-7
Fuel Injector Valve Assy:
NSN: 2910-01-037-4984
Hydraulic Head:
MFR Part NO.: HD8821A
Military Part NO.: 7748811
NSN: 3040-00-722-3536
Fuel injector:
NSN: 2910-01-073-0124
Engine Model:
M60 Tank Engine AVDS-1790-2A
AMBAC HD90101A is used in tank m35a2
National Stock Number: 2910-828-7167
Drawing No.: 11602722
Piston & ring set For M60 tank AVDS-1790-2A
2815-00-427-0551 19207  11683943-1 Piston, Internal Com 0,010 Oversize
2815-00-427-0553 19207  11683943-3 Piston, Internal Com 0,030 Overzise
2815-00-434-6593 19207  11683943-2 Piston, Internal Com 0,020 Oversize
2815-00-397-3316   11683943 Piston, Internal Com, Standard
2815-00-467-3407 19207  11683935 Pin, piston
2815-00-480-4347    Pin, Piston
2805-01-484-6524    Pin, Piston
2805-01-486-6294    Piston
2810-01-500-9851    Piston Kit
2814-00-410-1248   5704477 Ring Set, Piston 0,020 Oversize
2815-00-122-8983    Piston
2815-00-394-9702 19207  11683934 Conneting rod, piston
2815-00-394-9703   11684078 Nozzle Assembly, Lub Piston Oiler
2815-00-397-3316   11683943 Piston, Internal Com, Standard
2815-00-410-1211   5704475 Ring Set, Piston Standard
2815-00-410-1236   5704476 Ring Set, Piston 0,010 Oversize
2815-00-410-1956   5704478 Ring Set, Piston 0,030 Oversize
2815-00-410-1957   5704479 Ring Set, Piston 0,040 Oversize

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